Wedding Ideas to Fall For

With nearly 20 years under her event-planning belt, Samantha Darr, has experience aplenty. Her Houston and Austin boutique firm, Soiréebliss! Events, helps execute some of the most beautiful weddings and receptions in the city. Recently, we had a chance to catch up with her and get her take on trends and ideas on the horizon. Read on for her tips.

The wedding industry is always changing. What are some trends on the horizon that you're excited about? I’m thrilled to see a classic, romantic look return to the decor with emphasis on soft pastel colors—soft blues, coral, pinks and grass green. On the fashion runways, wedding dresses are returning to beautiful sleeves with illusion necklines. As the economy has improved, more and more couples are returning to hiring a band for their reception entertainment.  

Any fads you’re happy to see exiting? Throwing out the 1960s etiquette rulebook, which creates a cookie cutter type of wedding!

Everyone wants to put their personal spin on their Big Day. What are some easy ways a couple can do that? If neither the Bride or Groom love cake, they can opt to choose their favorite dessert and serve that instead. If they aren’t as excited about choosing a slow song for their first dance, go for a song that best fits their dance style, even if it’s a more upbeat song. It will be truly memorable to guests.

If a couple were thinking about having a fall/winter wedding, what would you tell them to keep in mind? October and November are the two most sought after months to get married due to the beautiful weather and cool temperature. I would suggest avoid planning a wedding from Thanksgiving to New Years, as prices for the venue will be higher. Choosing January and July as your wedding month will increase your chances for negotiating prices, as it’s the least busy month of the year. If a bride wants lots of flowers, it would be ideal to avoid planning a wedding in February as the cost of flowers are higher due to Valentine’s day.

What are some advantages to getting married in Houston, specifically, that couples in other cities don't have? With Houston being the 4th largest city in the Nation, a couple can find every type of vendor imaginable.  Houston is a very multi-cultural city with vendors able to service and understand the cultural needs, catering and traditions for ethnic couples from around the world.