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10 Delectable Wedding Caterers

By Nancy Mattia While star billing at a wedding naturally goes to the bride and groom, their winning co-star is the reception menu. Think about it: Guests will probably forget the color of your bridesmaids' dresses, but they'll retain fond memories of the smoked-tomato bruschetta or butternut squash ravioli. We've rounded up some of Houston's most talked-about caterers to get you started on the tasty adventure of picking some tasty morsels. A Fare Extraordinaire Houston brides have been raving…

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Giving Your Signature Drink Some Authentic Texas Flavor

by Nancy Mattia Serving a specially crafted cocktail at your reception instantly raises the fun factor of the drinks menu. But when you include some ingredients that shout "Texas!", you're customizing the libation with Lone Star spirit! From liquors to garnishes, we've got some ideas to get you started. Pour on the Heat Texas cuisine is known for its kick, so why not extend the fiery flavoring to your featured drink? "Something with spice definitely says ‘Texas,'" Rob Crabtree, beverage…

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Making Big Memories in Small Venues

By Kieran O'Brien Kern Looking to have a wedding without the big cake, bigger dress and even bigger guest list? Intrepid engaged couples can take heart - Houston has ideal venues for smaller weddings that make a big impact. The Bell Tower on 34th Among the breathtaking, detailed architecture reminiscent of exclusive Italian villas and luxurious haciendas of the Bell Tower, fairy-tale weddings can be any size. They have hosted weddings for as few as four people in the bridal garden. For…

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