5922 Richmond Avenue Houston, TX 77057 Map It
  • Address:
    5922 Richmond Avenue
    Houston, TX 77057
  • Phone:
    (281) 825-5595

Located just outside the loop is the first Middle Eastern-esque ice cream shop in town, Booza, home of the “stretchy ice cream.”

Scooping up flavors like chocolate, strawberry, pistachio, pineapple, and lemon, Booza service Arabic ice cream, sherbert, vegan options, gelato and other frozen treats. Their pistachio flavor even has bits of pistachios deliciously mixed in.

The owners started by serving the ice cream at festivals, but the popularity of their booths led them to open up shop. A small shop perfect for an afternoon treat, Booza is just waiting to give ice cream lovers in H-town a taste of Palestine.

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