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Houston Food Trucks

Meals on Wheels for everything you crave

From cupcakes to chicken and waffles, crepes to pocket pies, just about anything your taste buds desire is being served out of food trucks, culinary carts or other restaurants on wheels. You'll find them on random street corners at lunch, camped out on the edge of local farmers markets each week and parked strategically between the nightclub and your car at 2 a.m. Face it, resistance is futile.

Here are a few of our favorites.

Bernie's Burger Bus: Talk about old school. Bernie's Burger Bus is a newfangled take on the classic American hamburger. Everything is made from scratch using all natural Black Angus. And each burger has a school-based personality, from "The Principal" with bread-and-butter pickles and garlic roasted tomatoes (electives include bacon and Texas cheddar) to "The Kindergartners" two mini-burgers with bleu cheese and Applewood smoked bacon. The hand-cut fries are served with an aioli that's pretty spectacular. @BerniesBurgers

The Waffle Bus: Don't expect a plain waffle from this food truck. With savory smoked salmon waffles and sweet Nutella and banana waffles, The Waffle Bus turns a classic breakfast food into a delicious gourmet dish to be enjoyed at any time of day. @TheWaffleBus

Frosted Betty: Forget the ice cream man, he's got nothing on Nicole Mora's treat-filled dessert truck. Want to know where to look for those delicious cupcakes, cookies, and brownies? Track Mora's Twitter  (@luvfrostedbetty) for regular updates on where she's currently camped out, selling sweet snacks to faithful followers.

It's a WrapThe Thai steak wrap at It's a Wrap is a definite winner. So are the deep-fried macaroni and cheese balls. This particular truck is a frequent visitor to the City Hall Farmer's Market and other regular stops on the food truck circuit. Many of the options have an ethnic flare (chicken tikka masala) and are fairly healthy-except for those mac ‘n cheese balls of course. @ItsAWrapTruck

Melange Creperie: A Parisian-style creperie on Lower Westheimer, Melange has become a Montrose staple. You can get crepes filled with two ingredients "mélange a deux" or three "mélange a trois." The menu is always changing based on the freshest ingredients but you'll always find sweet as well as savory options, such as ham, egg, and cheese. @MelangeCreperie

Happy Endings: This food truck's name is misleading, with juicy hot dogs and fluffy buns, you will be happy from the second you start eating. Happy Endings takes the American hot dog and tops it with international flavors from kimchi to queso. With new addition, Taco Baos, Happy Endings is infusing more Asian flavors into this already worldly truck. @happyendingsHTX

The Rice Box: Talk about fun. This truck has a futuristic feel and dumplings that will blow you away. Another definite must is the General Tso's chicken, which you can get topped with a fried egg upon request. Try the Golden Doomba special and a rotation of healthy and veggie dishes. @RiceBoxTruck P.S. their Twitter feed is kind of hilarious.

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