You don’t have to be running the Chevron Houston Marathon to experience the rush and excitement on Jan. 15. Show your support to the runners enduring the 26.2 mile loop around Houston’s iconic neighborhoods by coming out and cheering them on the morning of the race. 

The race begins at 7:00 a.m. and for some can be an all-day event. We've put together a list of essentials to pack the night before so you can be ready to go first thing in the morning.

You will need to get set up early if you want a prime spot along the course which means setting that dreaded weekend alarm. Therefore, coffee will be necessary. Also, bring something to snack on if you plan to stay the entire race. If you forget, don’t worry, the route goes past plenty of Starbucks, Shipley’s and other eateries. 

Good Viewing Spot 
In a 26-mile race, there are plenty vantage spots to set up and watch. You can view the runner’s triumphant end at the finish line, or cheer them on toward the middle. It’s up to you and thankfully, the Chevron Houston Marathon has 10 spot recommendations that will fit anyone’s preference. 

As the runners pass, you are able to hand items to them. Something small like bananas, or an energy gel, is the perfect way to give the runners more fuel to finish. And they sure will appreciate it!

This week the weather has dipped into freezing temperatures days after being in the mid-50s and 60s. The weather predicts it will be mid 50s to 60s on Sunday morning so bundle up. And as we all know, sometimes Houston weather can be unpredictable so best to check the weather report the morning of the race.  

Early weather reports are predicting a chance for rain this weekend so better safe to pack an umbrella in your bag. Remember, if it ends up being sunny, you can always use it to stay cool by blocking the sun. 

Fully Charged Phone
More than 250,000 people come out each year to cheer on the Houston Marathon runners. Make sure your phone has enough battery in case you get lost from your group. 

Whether you know a runner or not, show your support to all by creating signage with words of encouragement. 

For more information on the Chevron Houston Marathon, visit their website