Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month

In a city as diverse as Houston, we enjoy the ability to explore a variety of cultures from basically our backyard. Houston's Asian community has been a huge influence in how the city has developed into what it is today - a cultural mecca. Large portions of our residents have Vietnamese, Chinese, Indian and Middle Eastern roots and this has truly shaped how we live, eat, and enjoy our city.

This May, celebrate Asian Pacific American Heritage Month with us by learning something new, trying a new dish or, virtually visiting cultural hubs to see the sights. Also, take a few moments to learn more about these three Asian American artists in the heart of our city.

The Asia Society Calendar of Events

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The Asia Society has oodles of events going on to celebrate. Check out their 31 Ways to Celebrate Asian Pacific American Heritage Month calendar featuring daily ways to learn about, celebrate, and uplift our AAPI communities. 

AAPI Calendar

AAPI Calendar 2

Activities include FREE exhibition access all month long, live programs, curated selections of FREE on-demand family activities, staff recommendations, and more. A few highlights:

Cultural Sights

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Sri Meenakshi Temple view

Houston is home to more diverse cultures than many major cities, so make sure to allow a few days to explore some of the areas religious sites. Here is just a sample of the many sites in Houston. Read more...

Les Noodle Pho

If you're like us, you know the best way to learn about someone's culture is by trying their food. One of the best things about visiting Houston is experiencing the diverse cultures that make up the city’s population of 2.3 million people. Similar to other major U.S. cities, Houston has an area dominated by delicious Asian restaurants, exotic shopping and fun cultural experiences. Eat more...


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Phat Eatery

Are you a spicy Thai pepper or a balanced Korean BBQ? Find out in our newest, coolest quiz yet. Find your Asian cuisine personality now!

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