Houston is known for its diverse culinary scene, and while we’re not necessarily known around the country for any certain style of pizza, there are many excellent pizza places to explore, of all different kinds of pizza. Check out our list of must-try pizzas for all pizza lovers in H-Town.

Gypsy Poet

With two locations — in Midtown and Montrose — Gypsy Poet makes a night out for pizza something extra special with live music by local artists and hand-crafted artisan pizzas. The owner is an artist of many kinds — painting, architecture, and most importantly pizza. Indulge in their two most popular pizzas, the Pepperoni Madness and the Fancy Backpacker. The former includes big pepperonis and hot honey, yes please. The latter is an artistic display of prosciutto, truffle oil and arugula.

Star Pizza

Star Pizza feels like a Houston staple. With three locations and atmospheres in each that make you feel like it’s Friday night, it’s just the perfect place to grab a slice. Their deep dish crust is out of this world, and if you’re feeling extra indulgent, ask for a side of ranch to dip it in. Theirs is extra special. If you need an extra little something to go with the pizza, the cheesy garlic bread is something to write home about. In addition to the classic cheese and pepperoni options, a fan favorite is the Starburst - ground beef, Italian sausage, pepperoni, onions, mushrooms, green peppers, cheese and pizza sauce. Vegetarian friends will love the Salsa Verde Pizza - spicy tomatillo sauce, roasted poblano peppers, pan-fried garlic, cheese and feta cheese. This star of a restaurant also offers gluten-free options.

Poscól Houston

Experience a taste of Northern Italy at Poscol. Their emphasis on an Italian wine selection paired with delectable Italian bites transports you to the charming atmosphere of a typical wine bar along the streets of Venice. This upscale spot offers more than pizza, but is also worth going to just for the pizza. Options include margherita, romana, funghi, la dolce vita, rucola, calabrese, and salsiccia. Also for old Dolce Vita fans, you can get the classic Dolce Vita pizzas at this darling spot.

Pink’s Pizza

Pink’s Pizza in the Heights is a grungy, delightful spot for pizza. Bonus points for dietary-restricted visitors, because they offer dairy-free and gluten-free options. Grab a full pie or grab a couple slices of multiple toppings to taste a bit of everything. The option to order by the slice is popular here.


Brussel sprouts on pizza may not sound appealing to everyone, but if there is any place who can make it delectable, it’s Coltivare. This precious garden spot in the Heights is a popular stop for wine, pasta and pizza and is a fabulous dining experience. Eat your cheesy slices al fresco among the beautiful greenery and flowers or enjoy the ambiance indoors with a more intimate, dark atmosphere. Try some of the specialty pizzas with chicken, prosciutto, fresh tomato, sage and saba or branch out and try the one with brussels sprouts, sweet potato, Pure Luck goat cheese, shallot, and caper. Another yummy one includes clams, gulf shrimp, kale pesto, shaved fennel and caramelized onions. This is one spot in H-Town that never disappoints. 


This other Houston spot also delivers vegetables on pizza in a unique way. The 14” tavern broccoli garlic pizza includes garlic butter, marinated broccoli, ricotta and cheese and will make your mouth water while supplying your body with the nutrients of broccoli, so go ahead, tell your friends you had a salad. For a more indulgent pie, try the meat head, which includes capicola, pepperoni and sausage.

Frank’s Pizza

Frank's Pizza is renowned for its diverse menu, offering whole pies, slices, lasagna, spicy wings, burgers, sandwiches, salads, desserts, and more. You can enjoy the flexibility of dining in, taking out, or opting for delivery. A Downtown Houston hot spot, Frank’s is open for lunch and dinner, and even late nights on weekends. Frank’s offers vegetarian, house specialties and even a create-your-own option.

Pizaro's Pizza

Offering Napoletana, Detroit and New York style pizzas all in one spot, Pizaro’s Pizza serves up quite a variety in each category of pizza. If you’re looking to learn how to make pizza yourself after you indulge in a couple slices of these delicious options, Pizaro’s has you covered there as well. They offer dough, cheese, pizza making and oven training classes that will leave you feeling like a pizza know-it-all.

Tiny Champions 

Located in Downtown Houston, Tiny Champions offers pizza for all tastebuds! One with anchovy filets, one with fennel sausage and still another with salami and hot honey. If you are left with any room at all for more, they also have quite the dessert selection — fresh baked spiced molasses cookies, warm pistachio and quince tart, or a coffee ice cream sundae. Of course there are also beers, ciders, craft cocktails and wine for pairing.

Luigi’s Pizza

Luigi's Pizzeria is driven by a profound passion for pizza. They meticulously craft their New York-style pies, starting with hand-tossed dough made in-house daily and pressed to optimal thinness. Each pizza boasts a delectable tomato sauce, carefully crafted without added sugar, complemented by hand-shredded whole mozzarella and an abundance of fresh toppings. The pizzas are expertly baked in a deck oven, ensuring even cooking and a delightful crispy crust.

The slices at Luigi's are characterized by their width, thinness, and perfect foldability—true to the authentic New York pizza experience. Customers can choose to order by the pie or enjoy individual slices. Wrap up your experience with an Italian gelato. Plus, Luigi’s is right next door to Axelrad, the perfect place to grab a post-pizza craft beer or specialty cocktail.