Growing up in Houston was fun. We always had a huge backyard to play in.  My mom allowed my friends to come over all the time; it was like a continuous slumber party at our house.  I spent my summers going to AstroWorld, SplashTown, Ms. Darlett's dance class & showcases. I had a great childhood in Houston!

When I come home to Houston, I go straight to my mom’s house to eat some home cooked food. I love to go to my church St. John's on West Gray and go up to my management company Music World Entertainment.

When I describe Houston to friends who have never been here, I first have to tell them, no, it's not like the country films you see on TV!  I like to describe Houston as a great place to raise a family. You get nice southern people with a city atmosphere. You can buy a great home in a price range to fit your income. The great thing is, whether you or your children are into arts, sports, music, business, etc., there is a place for you to grow into and learn all of those things right here in Houston.

I always come back during Thanksgiving, Christmas and the Houston Rodeo. Also, now that I have a nephew, I come back home for all of his birthdays.

I would have to say some of my favorite memories of Houston are performing at my mother’s hair salon and the music showcases we entered trying to get discovered. I can recall how hard my mother and father worked scheduling rehearsals, designing costumes and booking shows.  Houston is where my stage presence and confidence was developed.

My favorite places to eat are Frenchy's Chicken, This Is It Soul Food and Pappadeaux. I shop at The Galleria.

I love Houston. Some of the best moments of my life took place there. This will always be home to me!