A little background on our feud with Choose Chicago: Houston now has it's own "bean" (Cloud Column), located at The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston. Our friends at Choose Chicago are trying to prove that their bean (Cloud Gate) is better. They are wrong.

Nevertheless, they sent us a little gift package welcoming our "newborn" bean; even though, our bean was actually sculpted first... and, is better. Obviously.

Well, being that we are super-hospitable, we decided to take Chicago Bean on a tour of Houston! #BattleOfTheBeans

Thanks for the Bean welcome pack, Choose Chicago 🎁 P.S. Big Mistake.

Choose Chicago Gift to Visit Houston


We started the day off with a quick visit to The Graffiti Park to get a selfie in 😀

Chicago Bean at Graffiti Park


Then, headed to The Water Wall to get squeaky clean before a day out on the town. 🚿

Chicago Bean at Water Wall

Chicago Bean was tired of not having access to a good basketball team, so we took it to visit The Toyota Center, home to our Houston Rockets. 🏀

Chicago Bean at Toyota Center


For lunch, Chicago Bean wanted to chill poolside at the Marriott Marquis's Texas-shaped Lazy River. So, we were all like "why not?" 🏊

Chicago Bean at Marriott Marquis


Then, we hopped across the street to visit the reigning MLB champs at Minute Maid Park. 🏆

Chicago Bean at Minute Maid Park


Chicago Bean also had the chance to visit it's big brother, Cloud Column! 👋

Chicago Bean at Museum of Fine Arts

We think this picture speaks for itself...♥️

Chicago Bean at We Love Houston Structure

Your move, Choose Chicago. Follow along with the fun on Twitter! #BattleOfTheBeans