Memorial/Energy Corridor

99 Ranch Market

1005 Blalock Rd. Houston, TX 77055 Map It
  • Address:
    1005 Blalock Rd.
    Houston, TX 77055
  • Phone:
    713 932 8899

With locations in California, Washington, Nevada, and Texas, 99 Ranch Market has expanded rapidly because of its popularity within the Asian community. Its first store opened in Westminster, California in 1984 to provide for that city's growing Asian community.

99 Ranch Market opened in the Memorial area of Houston in 2009. This market has a great mix of Korean, Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese, and other Asian foods. An incredibly large selection of unique food items at reasonable prices makes 99 Ranch Market popular among those who enjoy Asian food.

The store's out-of-this-world bakery, filled with mouthwatering pastries lures visitors in. If you're hungry for lunch, you can stop at their food court and enjoy traditional Asian dishes. 99 Ranch Market carries fresh produce, an enormous seafood selection (including many things still swimming), and all the meats you expect.  They also carry a selection of Asian cosmetics, toiletries, and jewelry. Expect a clean store, low prices and professional employees.

Swing by close to closing hours and find half off pastries, 3 for 1 sushi, and other great deals.

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