Arab-American Cultural and Community Center

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After more than 100 years of immigration, assimilation, and growth in the United States and in Houston, Arab-Americans have a place where their culture, art, and language can be preserved and carried on for generations yet to come.

Rising to prominence in many areas of business and daily life--from commerce and trade to education, medicine, and professional services--these first-, second-, and third-generation Arab-Americans, as well as a continuing flow of new immigrants, have helped establish Houston as a major American city for Arabs to live and do business. Now in addition to the contribution and service to the community in many forms of commerce, medicine, arts, and literature, Arab-Americans have established a facility that will benefit not only our people but the population of the whole city.

The Arab-American Cultural & Community Center offers a wide range of programs, activities, and functions, including:

Culture: Lectures on Arabic literature, arts, and science, and exhibits and symposiums intended to promote the heritage and recognize past and present accomplishments of Arabs everywhere.

Language: Lessons to teach Arabic reading and writing skills at different levels, for adults and children alike.

Resource Center: An information center with emphasis on the Arab world and its history and culture; features videos and exhibit materials.

Museum: A historic and a genealogical record of Arabs and their families who have immigrated to Texas –who they were, when they came, where they settled, and what they achieved for themselves and for their communities.

Social: A common and inclusive meeting place for community groups and associations, as well as facilities for birthdays, graduations and weddings.

Charitable Work: Assist the needy and under-privileged, and to participate and collaborate with other such organizations in the greater Houston area.

Self-Development: Assist in promoting good citizenship and in developing productive members in society.

Community Outreach: Special activities, facilities and programs for senior citizens, families and children; job placement assistance and networking; medical, legal and professional services periodically available to Arab-Americans and to the greater public at large.

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