Memorial/Energy Corridor

Arturo Boada Cuisine

6510 Del Monte Houston, TX 77057 Map It
  • Address:
    6510 Del Monte
    Houston, TX 77057
  • Phone:
    (713) 782-3011

If there’s one thing Arturo Boada wants you to remember—as much as the South American and Italian cuisine he turns out—it’s his name. The former owner-operator of Arturo’s Uptown Italiano, who departed the popular namesake in spring 2011, has now opened a new signature spot, Arturo Boada Cuisine, in west Houston’s Memorial area.

Set in the former Bistro Don Camillo Space, the neighborhood concept continues the chef’s affinity for Italian fare, but with an added emphasis on Spanish and South American dishes. Expect to find steaks, seafood and pasta plates, alongside tapas, paella and ceviche options. There is also an array of pizzas on the menu, served crispy and hot from the wood-fired oven.

Arturo Boada Cuisine is open Tuesday through Sunday for lunch and dinner.

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