Southwest Houston

B.B. Italia

16250 City Walk Houston, TX 77479 Map It
  • Address:
    16250 City Walk
    Houston, TX 77479
  • Phone:
    (713) 424-7876

In the ever-growing Energy Corridor in Houston, B.B. Italia and B.B. Pizza To Go have made a home for themselves as an Italian restaurant with a fresh-take on the traditional cuisine. B.B. Italia’s sister restaurant B.B. Pizza, located in the same spot, offers take-out pizza for guests on the go.

Chicken, beef, veal, pork and fish accompany pastas, pizzas and many Italian classics on the menu. Before guests get to the main course, they have a variety of appetizers to choose from including beef carpaccio, fried zucchini and a bacon parmigiana. Pasta specials include Sunday ragu and grandma’s ravioli, which includes a beef rib stuffing.

Featuring an outdoor patio, large horseshoe bar and plenty of indoor seating, B.B. Italia is one of several restaurants in Houston owned by the Berg Hospitality Group.

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