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Bear Creek Pioneers Park

3535 War Memorial Drive Houston, TX 77084 Map It
  • Address:
    3535 War Memorial Drive
    Houston, TX 77084
  • Phone:
    (281) 496-2177

The history Bear Creek Pioneers Park was created in the 1940s by the United States Army Corps of Engineers to prevent the repetition of flooding that occurred in Houston in 1935.  Bear Creek Pioneers Park occupies a portion of the Addicks Reservoir, which was previously a land that was occupied for 100 years by farmers that were mostly German immigrants and their descendants. In 1965, Harris County leased 2,154 acres (8.72 km2) of the reservoir and started the park development.

Bear Creek Pioneers Park is 2,168 acres in size and has paved roads and parking for visitors. The park also features walking trails, an equestrian trail, a small zoo (including buffalos, an ostrich, and emus) and aviary, playgrounds, soccer fields, little league and softball fields, four lighted tennis courts, eight picnic pavilions, horseshoe courts, and hundreds of picnic tables and grills. Near the aviary ducks can been seen walking freely around a pond. The park also has restrooms all around the park and drinking water fountains.

There is no cost to enter the park but pavilions must be reserved before use. Picnic tables and grills do not need to be reserved. The park has no stores and visitors must bring their own food if they plan on eating or drinking.

The Harris County War Memorial is found in this park, next to the Eldridge Parkway entrance. The Memorial was built in 1985 to honor known residents who lost their lives in World War I and the wars ever since. Memorial services are held at the War Memorial every Memorial Day at 2:00 p.m.

The wildlife habitat located in the park consists of a duck and goose pond, an aviary, and exhibits for various animals including birds of prey, peacocks, bison, emus, pot bellied pigs, white-tailed deer, donkeys, sheep and goats. 


  • Restrooms
  • Observation Pond
  • Equestrian trail
  • Small Zoo
  • Baseball field
  • Horseshoe court
  • Soccer field
  • Softball field
  • Tennis
  • Volleyball
  • Walking trails
  • Pavilion
  • Picnic
  • Playground

Size: 2,154-acres


  • Acreage: 2153.63
  • Restrooms:
  • Observation Pier:
  • Baseball Field:
  • Equestrian:
  • Horseshoe Court:
  • Soccer Field:
  • Softball Field:
  • Tennis Court:
  • Volleyball:
  • Walking Trail:
  • Nature Trail:
  • Exercise Equipment:
  • Pavilion/Gazebo:
  • Picnic/BBQ:
  • Playground:
  • Community Center:
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