Char Bar

305 Travis Houston, TX 77002 Map It
  • Address:
    305 Travis
    Houston, TX 77002
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Whether you are looking for a suit or a drink, the unique Char Bar is the place to go downtown. Located in a historic building on Market Square, the unusual combination of tailor and bar makes more sense when talking to the owner of both businesses, Michael Shapiro. It was his grandfather that founded Duke of Hollywood Tailors in 1930 and the place is full of nostalgic items. When the clothing store was bringing in less profit, Shapiro decided to add on a bar which, today, is his main venture.

Downtown crowds are glad he did; many come here to wind down after work and enjoy the friendly service. The small, intimate space invites patrons to enjoy a signature martini (fair warning these are served quite strong). Walls bedecked with old family photos, plus suits in glass cases and a vintage jukebox make Char Bar a fascinating Downtown jewel.

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