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    2706 Westheimer Rd.
    Houston, TX 77098
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A frantic frat-party atmosphere adds flavor to the heaping platters of savory Tex-Mex.

Austin-born, with typical collegiate attitude, Chuy's is a magnet for young and restless chili-heads. The bar scene, reminiscent of a college-frat gathering, is about as rowdy as it comes, with famous frozen "swirl" margaritas as tangy as Sweet Tarts, munchies served out of a Chevy trunk and a shrine to Elvis.

Huge platters of Tex-Mex with freshly prepared Southwestern sauces dominate. The 911 Hot Plate will get your attention with stacks of blue-corn tortillas, grilled chicken and green-chili sauce, as will chili rellenos, Chuychangas and the overstuffed steak burrito. Health nuts love the lard-free fare and spice addicts gobble up the tacos topped with green-chili salsa (a legendary hangover cure).

Don't miss the annual green-chili festival in early September. For three weeks, Chuy's creates special menu items featuring the fire-roasted peppers.
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