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Dunham Bible Museum, Houston Christian University

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    7502 Fondren Rd.
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The Dunham Bible Museum, with its extensive collection of rare Bibles, is dedicated to telling the story of one of the world’s most known books.

Papyrus pieces, scrolls and illuminated manuscripts show the Bible's transmission from the earliest times until John Wycliffe, during the 14th century. A working Gutenberg-style press brings to life the 15th century and the message of the Reformation becomes more vibrant when viewing printed Bibles from that period. Exhibits on the English Bible begin with a 1536 New Testament, translated by William Tyndale. Early editions of the Geneva Bible and other forerunners of the 1611 King James reinforce the story of personal sacrifice behind the preservation of the English Bible we so freely read today.

A large collection of rare American Bibles enables the exploration of the Bible’s influence on national leaders and events important from America’s foundation until today. An additional exhibit features some of the numerous languages into which this most translated book has been translated. Regular changing exhibits focus on additional aspects of the Bible’s multi-faceted history.

The Dunham Bible Museum’s creative exhibits, as well as its educational programs and publications, awaken and enhance an appreciation of the Bible's influence and importance in history, government, education, literature, law and culture. Exhibits from the museum's rare collections enable visitors, students and scholars to better understand the Bible's place in our heritage and the culture of civilizations.

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