12665 Memorial Drive Houston, TX 77024 Map It
  • Address:
    12665 Memorial Drive
    Houston, TX 77024
  • Phone:
    (713) 461-0155
Izakaya-wa gets its name from the traditional izakaya setting, which is essentially a beer/sake-forward establishment that serves a variety of Japanese style tapas. The idea is to share a round of drinks with friends and sample a little bit of everything. The menu is as straightforward as the concept—choose from beer, wine or sake at the bar, and sushi and tapas from the kitchen.
The simple decor is complemented by an outdoor patio and Japanese Batman posters tacked to the wall. This is a laid-back place to wet your whistle, chat with friends and share good food.
Izakaya-wa has quickly become a steady hangout for Japanese expats missing a taste of home—a testament to the authentic cuisine and traditional atmosphere.
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