Houston Heights

Jus' Mac

2617 Yale St. Houston, TX 77008 Map It
  • Address:
    2617 Yale St.
    Houston, TX 77008
  • Phone:
    (713) 622-8646

Macaroni and cheese finally gets the respect it deserves at Heights-set Jus' Mac. The kid-friendly food is getting plenty of play time on the corner of 26th and Yale, at a cozy, 1,350 -square-foot space that was most recently home to Yale Street Coffee.

Outside, a rustic red-and-brown corrugated exterior catches the eye of passers-by, while the interior mixes urban accents like stained concrete floors, exposed brick walls and industrial lighting. Customers wondering how many ways the classic comfort food can be reimagined will be pleasantly surprised. Just Mac’s menu is loaded with 18 unique variations of macaroni-and-cheese-laden dishes—seven of which are vegetarian—from a “light” cheddar and broccoli option, a roasted poblano-pepper-and-swiss-cheese-infused dish, even mac-cheese soup.

Stop by Tuesday through Sunday for lunch  and dinner. Note, however, that parking is limited in Jus’ Mac’s adjacent lot, which isn’t such a bad thing, because after mowing down a plate of carb-loving cheesy goodness, a post-dinner walk might be just what the doctor orders.

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