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Osaka opened in early 2002 and immediately found a following. The understated setting is part of the attraction. Muted colors, a wall of floor-to-ceiling windows and rich wood furniture make up the decor. At lunch, the clientele is mostly arty types and downtown execs. For dinner, it's a hip, smart thirtysomething crowd.

A private alcove with a long, low table surrounded by pillows sits just off the main dining room. But as lovely as Osaka's setting might be, the real draw here is the food. Everything is very reasonably priced, with the daily lunch special an especially good value.

Offerings include the yaki sakana with a choice of broiled Mackerel, salmon or pike with all the extras for about the same price as a burger and fries. Regulars recommended the chawan mushi (egg custard with shrimp, chicken and vegetables) for openers, followed by the negima yaki (sliced sirloin, broiled and seasoned with a light sauce).

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