Shake Shack - Downtown

702 Main Street Houston, TX 77002 Map It
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    702 Main Street
    Houston, TX 77002

New York’s “roadside” burger stand sprouted from a hot dog cart in Madison Square Park back in 2001, quickly developing a cult following that lined up daily for double stack burgers, cheese fries and frozen custard. In the years since, Shake Shack has planted permanent roots throughout the Big Apple and the rest of the U.S., so area fans were elated to find that the fast food biz would be expanding to Houston in fall 2016.

Find the fifth local Shake Shack doling out classics Downtown on Main Street. Beyond the standard fare, guests will find Texas exclusives like the Lockhart Link Burger, a cheeseburger topped with Kreuz Market jalapeño cheese sausage link, pickles and Shack Sauce. The biz also sends out cage and antibiotic-free chicken sandwiches and hot dogs.

Shake Shack is open for lunch and dinner, daily.


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