Memorial Park/Washington Corridor

The Counter Custom Built Burgers

4601 Washington Avenue Houston, TX 77007 Map It
  • Address:
    4601 Washington Avenue
    Houston, TX 77007
  • Phone:
    (713) 966-6123

California’s custom burger joint, The Counter, has made its way east, opening its first Texas location in the heart of Houston’s Washington Avenue. Set in the same center as 360 Sports Lounge and Les Givral’s, The Counter brings with it more than 312,120 burger combinations, enabling patrons a completely customizable sandwich experience.
The industrial décor is fresh and inviting, featuring Houston-focused prints by photographer Gary Copeland, a soft blue color palette and counter-service seating. Upon their arrival, guests are invited to map out their creation on an order form, choosing the type of meat, cheeses toppings, sauces and bun. The Counter also serves up salads, grilled veggies, chili and a variety of fries, in addition to shakes, malts and burger bowls.
The spot is open for lunch and dinner daily and stays open for late night bites until midnight, Thursday through Saturday.

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