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Upper Kirby/Greenway Plaza

Tiny Boxwood's

3600 W. Alabama St Houston, TX 77027 Map It
  • Address:
    3600 W. Alabama St
    Houston, TX 77027
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What was once an empty metal warehouse has been transformed into a classy, beautifully decorated café that reflects an afternoon in the Hamptons. Tiny Boxwoods is an over-the-counter eatery with a light and airy atmosphere making it a perfect spot for a lunch date and catching up with girlfriends.

The large windows along the perimeter of the restaurant allow the light to shine in while you relax and enjoy your fellow diners.The restaurant looks out on a tranquil terrace, which provides an ideal spot to ease the stress of a busy day.  Adjacent is the Thompson & Hanson nursery nuzzled against the café adding a fresh, green feel to the patio.

Lauded for their brunch,
Tiny Boxwoods provide customers with a menu including bottomless mimosas and breakfast pizzas.  But be sure to beat the rush, seating gets competitive.

Tiny Boxwoods is open for breakfast, lunch, dinner and weekend brunch.

  • Vanarin Kuch competed on the second season of Top Chef Just Desserts (2011).
  • Vanarin Kuch named a Rising Star Pastry Chef by StarChefs.com (2011).
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