Memorial Park/Washington Corridor

Wabash Feed & Garden Store

4537 N. Shepherd Dr. Houston, TX 77018 Map It
  • Address:
    4537 N. Shepherd Dr.
    Houston, TX 77018
  • Phone:

Known in the neighborhood simply as the feed store, Wabash is really much more than that: a hardware store, a pet shop, an organic herb garden, and an antique market.

Wabash has a long history of supplying livestock for the Houston area.

Feed and Supplies
Wabash carries feed and supplies for all barnyard animals, wild birds, and pond fish.

Pets and Pet Supplies
Wabash places about 200 mixed breed puppies and kittens every year. They also sell bunnies, an occasional guinea pig, many varieties of birds, and exotic animals such as miniature horses.

Garden Supplies
Wabash has one of the most extensive selections of organic gardening supplies found in Houston.

The antiques are mainly country kitchen and farm-related items, including tractor seat stools, wagon wheels, old harnesses, tools and tubs, linen and lanterns, coffee, corn or meat grinders, cast iron stoves, crocks, churns, mixing bowls, benches, tables and chairs, cow skulls, and porcelain-ware.

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