Meatless Monday may end up being one of your most flavorful days of the week. Houstonians are spoiled with a bounty of vegetarian options that won’t feel like a substitute for a meaty dish. Our Indian vegetarian cuisine with a tradition going back thousands of years, and our locally-sourced, American-style dishes might make you forget about those fajitas for even longer than 24 hours. 


2925 Richmond Ave, Suite 160 Houston, TX 77098, Upper Kirby

This spacious, elegant northern Indian restaurant serves vegetarian Mughlai cuisine, fused with French and American flavors. With a beautifully modern bar and a traditional ball-room style dining area, Kiran’s hosts luxurious afternoon teas, parties and events in addition to dining service. Chef Kiran Verma incorporates the beloved spices of India into her own unique menu that tastes just as good as it looks.


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Mala Sichuan

9348 Bellaire Blvd Bellaire, TX 77036, Chinatown / Montrose

Almost ten years ago, Mala Sichuan opened in Chinatown, ushering in Houston’s newfound love for Sichuan cuisine. Named after Sichuan Province in China, the Sichuan peppercorn is the hallmark of this style of cooking. The numbing sensation can be a surprise to first-timers, who may have been expecting a burning spice. The Dan Dan Noodles are a perfect meal for those new to Sichuan cuisine. Mala opened a second location in Montrose, which compared to the small Chinatown restaurant, has a more modern, artsy ambiance.

Field of Greens

2320 West Alabama Street Houston, TX 77098,  Upper Kirby

This vegetarian, quick casual restaurant offers scratch-made bites for on-the-go or to enjoy in their modest dining space. Without paying an arm and a leg, you can grab a meatless burger, club sandwich, wrap, pasta dish, among other options. Field of Greens even offers veggie tamales and pan fried dumplings, in an effort to give diners a range of diverse options.


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Soul Food Vegan

2901 Emancipation Ave, Houston, TX 77004, South Central

Soul food is traditionally a hearty, deeply satisfying meal, oftentimes centered around a delicious serving of meat. Soul Food Vegan proves that there can still be a lot of soul in your meal even without the meat. The Cajun Beyond Burger, Boudin Balls, Cajun Pasta Melt, and the entire menu at this Third Ward eatery is available for those wanting a veg option without losing the flavor so inherent in soul food.


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Korny Vibes

403 Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX 77006, Montrose

From the Chickn Wyngs to the Beefy Fried Empanadas, Korny Vibes gives offers diners both comfort food and Tex-Mex. Soy has been their go-to meat replacement, as they craft vegan-friendly dishes. As the restaurant strives to recreate everyday Southern meals to fit their customers dietary preferences, it comes as no surprise that many of their menu items are also gluten-free.

Chowpatty Chat

5711 Hillcroft St, Houston, TX 77036, Hillcroft

A recent remodel transformed this Southern Indian restaurant from its checkered black and white interior to a sleek, modern feel. With film reels subtly painted on the walls, the restaurant maintains its nod to Bollywood. Vegetarian options abound, as Indian cuisine has perfected plant-based, spice-filled dishes over the millennia. Bombay street food like Cholay Bhature, spicy chickpea curry served with fried leavened flatbread, is just one of their quick, flavor-packed plates.