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The Best Burger For Every Part of Houston


Burger cravings could strike at any moment. Where will you be when they do? As long as you’re somewhere in Houston, have no fear: the burgers are here. You don’t need to settle for just any bottom-of-the-barrel burger. This list of twenty-three burger places exists to guarantee that you can find the best burger near you in any area of H-town.



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The Burger Joint has actually earned itself a reputation for a remarkable veggie burger, as well as unique choices like the Korean infused kimchi burger, plus traditional options. As an extra bonus, the Burger Joint is dog-friendly on the patio and offers dog treats and water bowls by the cashier.


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This grocery store has been a part of Houston since the 1930’s, and their famous Grim Burger has only been slaying since the 1970’s. The Grim Burger is loaded up with macaroni and cheese, bacon, jalapenos, and a fried egg. It’s become a Houston legend, but Lankford Grocery also has lots of other variations for you to try, including a Frito Pie Burger, the spicy Fireman Burger, plus a veggie burger option.


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Tookie's Burgers

Just before you reach the Kemah Boardwalk is Tookies, a hometown burger joint classic. Tookies is bustling more often than not, thanks to the Clear Lake area locals that continue to come back week after week. Try the Squealer: a juicy hamburger patty infused with bits of bacon. The biggest and best onion rings you’ve ever had in your life on the side wouldn’t hurt, either.


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Bubba’s offers buffalo burgers, which boasts being leaner, lower in cholesterol, and devoid of hormones or antibiotics. If you’re not ready to try buffalo at the “home of the Buffalo Burger,” you can still get a beef patty, but you’re missing out. Choose your favorite mix of toppings from chili to a fried egg to really make this burger your own.


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Burger from Hubbell & Hudson in Houston

Hubbell & Hudson’s menu is seasonal, but their oak grilled burgers are sure to please any burger aficionado at any time of year. They feature some of the classic types of burgers, as well as a few special inventions. The Truffle and Brie Burger includes melted brie, lemon arugula, tomatoes, and truffle aioli on a brioche bun. Other burger variations feature premium toppings like jalapenos, blue cheese, or sriracha ketchup.


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You’re unlikely to find a place like M&M Grill just anywhere. “M&M” stands for “Mexican & Mediterranean,” and it proudly serves some of the only halal burgers you will find for miles around. Options include mango habanero, ghost pepper, loaded double swiss mushroom, and others.


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Pappa Geno’s has made food history by combining the Philly Cheesesteak and the burger into one legendary Philly Burger: shredded steak, onions, and cheese on top of a quarter pound beef patty. The restaurant is known for their Philly Cheesesteaks, but the idea that everything is better on a burger seems logical.


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Burgers from Hubcap Grill

With two dozen burger options on the menu as well as loads of varieties of specialty fries, you may want to come back to Hubcab more than a few times to determine what your new usual will be. A few of those prodigious options include the seasonal hatch green chile burger and the sticky monkey burger, which is crunchy peanut butter, bacon, American cheese, and bananas on a beef patty. Onion Creek Cafe, another favorite from the Heights, is currently undergoing renovations.


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This dog-friendly cafe can please even the most diverse of burger lovers, between all-natural beef patties, a turkey burger, and a free-range buffalo burger. Flavor combinations include the spinach and feta, Texas chili, hickory BBQ, and blue cheese and bacon burgers. Don’t eat meat at all? Barnaby’s offers falafel, Boca, chipotle black bean, and meatless hempseed burgers. Good luck deciding!


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Burgers from Champ Burger

Champ Burger doesn’t mess around with spiffy presentations or themes. Do you want a burger? Get straight to the point with no-nonsense quality beef, buns, and traditional toppings. Burgers are freshly made as you order, and fries and onion rings are crisp without being greasy. When you know what you want, head to Champ Burger.


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Burger from Killen's Burgers

Pearland’s Killen’s Barbecue is renowned nationally, but Ronnie Killen also has a phenomenal burger joint in Pearland. The options are mostly limited to classics that are made to perfection, as it seems nothing with Ronnie Killen’s name attached to it is ever anything less. One of the only items you’ll be unfamiliar with is the #99, named after Houston Texans player J.J. Watt. All burgers are made with 100% all natural Angus beef, without hormones or antibiotics.


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This dive may not be very flashy, but what they lack in flash they make up for in flavor. Patrons of Star Burgers rave about consistent and fresh quality, as well as low prices. Burger baskets come with a generous helping of crispy fries or onion rings.


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If you’re feeling a little daring, try one of Stomp’s specialty burgers. The Panhandler is a beef patty grilled with Buffalo hot sauce and served with bleu cheese crumbles, lettuce, tomato, and mayo. The Jezzabelle include a slice of cream cheese, special raspberry chipotle sauce on a bun with mayo and lettuce. The menu also includes a long list of appetizers, sandwiches, and sides of varying degrees of adventure.


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Bruger from Stanton's Burgers

Stanton City Bites is one of those classic family-run businesses we all love to learn about and support. Raised on the second floor of this same building, Art Fong was raised helping his father cook up made-to-order masterpieces. A traditional bacon cheeseburger and a nostalgic looking soda will set you right.


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9ers Grill was named after its nine-ounce patty, rather than the standard four or five-ounce patties. The grill is now a small chain, started by the Qattom family of Harris County in 1991. Enjoy thick fries and shakes made with Blue Bell ice cream on the side.


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Buffburger Hamburger

A key aspect of BuffBurger’s goodness is their all natural ingredients, all which came from local ranchers, bakers, and farmers. Some of their burgers are built around ingredients like blue cheese, goat cheese, truffle cheese, or chunky guacamole. They also feature “burgers” with ahi tuna, grilled chicken, or a corn fritter for those that are feeling like beef that day. Don’t miss out on a milkshake made from Amy’s Ice Cream on the side.


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guru burgers

Don’t be scared to try something a little different at Guru Burgers! The beef is grass-fed and locally raised, and they offer combinations like the Fig Newton Burger (homemade fig spread, goat cheese, hickory smoked bacon, and arugula), and the Purple Rain Burger (jalapeno bacon, queso blanco, sauteed mushrooms, and red cabbage). Guru’s also offers Captain Planet, which is a house made vegan patty made with black beans, quinoa, corn, mushroom, and flaxseed, with provolone, avocado, spinach, and tomato for toppings.

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