Are you looking for an exciting way to welcome in the new year? Something challenging and adventurous but enjoyable at the same time? Discover new indoor entertainment activities with this list and book a great solo or group activity today to create new memories.

iFly Houston Memorial

9540 Katy Freeway, Houston, TX 77055

iFly Houston

Come enjoy indoor skydiving in state-of-the-art wind tunnels in a safe and fun flight experience. No actual falling, just the exhilarating feeling of being suspended in the air. A great choice for small parties for any social occasion: birthdays, happy hours, reunions, and other social events, inclusive for all ages from 3 to 103. Everything for the experience is provided by iFly, from gear and training to photos and video of the flight experience, even event space for catered food and music for private events if desired. So show up and get ready for check-in, flight class, gearing up, and then flight time! Please check the website’s FAQ section for recommended clothing, guidance on glasses, and any height/weight restrictions before attending your first flight class! Book a flight experience today.

Funplex Indoor Amusement Park

13700 Beechnut Street, Houston, TX 77083

Houston FunPlex

Houston Funplex, an expansive indoor amusement park, brings locals and visitors an experience of unlimited activities that appeal to the imaginations and spirits of all ages. Over two hundred games, activities, and attractions await you, including a Ferris wheel, bowling center, skating, trampolines, go-karts, a Texas-sized two-story PlayPort for kids, arcades, virtual reality games, rides, and a sports bar - all under one roof. This venue is perfect for those looking for either an elevated e-sports gaming experience or a sophisticated virtual reality experience or both! Game Up Esports Arena includes classic arcade and recently released games, available through a software platform that remembers player information and includes features such as keeping track of player statistics, collecting reward coins, and signing up for tournaments. Get gaming, racing, or rollercoasting and have fun! They are open 7 day a week. Check out prices here.

Zero Latency

12143 Katy Freeway, Houston, TX 77079

Zero Latency

Enjoy a free roam virtual reality gaming experience at Zero Latency Houston in nearby Katy. Here’s what to expect: wear a VR headset, strap on a backpack, and pick up a controller. Once in the virtual world, you’re free to move and explore just like in the real world. You’ll have a huge space to freely walk in without any wires or cables. Games can be booked easily online and include: Undead Arena, Far Cry, Outbreak, Singularity, Engineerium. Schedule a fun night out with friends, book a party event, or have a unique date night experience in virtual reality today!  

The Escape Game

CityCentre: 794 Sorella Court, Houston, TX 77024

The Galleria: 5015 Westheimer Road, Houston, TX 77056

The Escape Game - Houston

The Escape Game consists of seven different and exciting escape rooms to try for all skill levels, with multiple rooms per game. Two locations are available with certain rooms unique to each location, in City Centre and in the Galleria. Top supporting features are the easy booking online, fast customer service, and unlimited hints without penalty. Make a night of it, each location features amazing dinner and dessert options to make an entire fun date night or friends/family social event the escape room experience.

Immersive Gamebox

1300 McKinney Street Unit 313, Houston, TX 77010

Immersive Gamebox Houston

Get together with friends and family today with an interactive cinema adventure with games that are user-friendly for players of all ages. No technological expertise required. These social, interactive games are good for team building, family time, date night, or a friendly competitive night out and emphasize the social amusement and bonding aspect of immersive gaming. New and popular themed games include Ghostbusters, Squid Game, Paw Patrol. All games are recommended for between 2 and 6 people a session. Join a massive global community of over one million players with easy booking online with these detailed and immersive games. 

Exitus VR

5629 Southwest Freeway, Houston, TX 77057

Exitus VR

Immersive virtual reality experiences for solo players and for groups at Exitus VR! Preview videos of the games are available online at the website. Single player stations are available for a spontaneous and enjoyable experience at your own pace. Exitus VR offers a larger catalog of games than other similar indoor amusement venues. Booking packages are available for birthdays, bachelor/bachelorette parties, graduation, and retirement ceremonies.

Escape Hunt

125 W Gray Street #100, Houston, TX 77019

Escape Hunt

The Escape Hunt Experience Houston includes several rooms with different themes, each one with different codes and puzzles. Escape Hunt is unique because both in-person and at-home games are offered! All in-person games take place in themed rooms designed with incredible attention to detail, so you can really lose yourself in the experience. Games are optimally played with two to six players, and once you and your companions are locked in a room, you have an hour to follow the clues and solve the room. Navigate a series of false alarms, potential disasters, and satisfying puzzles to unlock the room in time! Try their original “Houston, We’ve Had a Problem” room, patterned after the Apollo 13 Lunar Mission. It is one of the most realistic escape rooms in the U.S. You and your team will need to help your astronauts return home safely from space. This game requires a minimum of 6 to play.

It’s not too early to plan making new and fun memories for 2024. With the weather cooling down in Houston, this is the perfect time to check out a new indoor entertainment venue. Whether it's an indoor amusement park offering virtual reality, gaming, or an escape room adventure, it’s the season for something fun.

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Photos: Courtesy of game and entertainment centers mentioned in this post.