Chef Recipes

Some of Houston's top culinary minds who give tours to their favorite places have shared these fantastic recipes. Try them at home, or go check out the real deal at their restaurants! 

Texas Creole Crawfish Boil

Chef Danny Trace- Executive Chef at Potente
Brennans shares their secret to the perfect Cajun crawfish boil. Get ready to invite your friends because crawfish are best shared in groups.
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Butternut Squash Soup

Chef Randy Evans-Director/Chef of Restaurants at HEB Headquarters
"A lot of people miss Houston's rich history-homegrown and immigrant-because they stay in their own little bubble and don't really know what their city has to offer."
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Bycatch and Local Fish Ceviche

Chris Shepherd- Owner/Executive Chef at Underbelly Hospitality
"There are actually very few people living in Houston that are originally from here, so we have access to so many cultures-things to see and things to taste. People need to take advantage of that."
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Coffee Roasted Tenderloin of Beef with Smoked Chile Adobo

Chef Robert Del Grande
You'll love this delicious recipe for coffee roasted tenderloin and smoked chili adobo!
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Cuccidati Cookies

Chef Paul Petronella of Paulie's  
Authentic Italian cooking with flair is his calling card, and Paul shared with us a recipe close to his roots. This Catholic Italian cookie is best known for it's Christmas incarnation, but doesn't disappoint for Easter.
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Gulf Snapper with Squash Blossom Pesto

Ryan Pera- Chef/Owner at Agricole Hospitality
"The diversity of regional foods is one of the many things that makes Houston a great city. I'm always exploring."
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Flautas de Pollo

Hugo Ortega- Chef/Owner at H-Town Restaurant Group
"Houston has an ‘open-door policy.' It has welcomed me and many others with its arms outstretched. It is rich with ethnic urban markets, shops, and eateries. Many Mexican products are available here, so it feels like home."
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Pastry War's Margarita
The margarita is a Texas tradition and Houston has no shortage of restaurants and bars serving this simple but refreshing libation. Just last month Food & Wine named Hugo’s as one of America’s top margarita bars and earlier this year the Food Network named The Pastry War’s frozen margarita as one of the 50 Best Cocktails in America.
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Strawberry Pie

Rebecca Masson- Owner/Pastry Chef at Fluff Bake Bar
"Houston has an amazingly diverse ethnic food culture. I love discovering all that this city has to offer. It always brings me inspiration."
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Hugo Ortega- Chef/Owner at H-Town Restaurant Group
Chef Hugo Ortega calls masa, the corn dough used to make tortillas, the foundation of Mexican cuisine. At his restaurants, Hugo’s and Caracol, he prepares masa and tortillas the old-fashioned way like he learned from his grandmother as a child.
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Vegetable Quinoa Salad

Chef Monica Pope- Chef/Owner at Sparrow Bar + Cookshop 
"We always say that it's the people that make Houston what it is. Small restaurant owners are the people that make Houston."
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