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The Official Vegan Guide to Houston

The ever-evolving Houston food scene is evident in the amazing vegan and vegetarian options that can be found throughout the city, along with iconic restaurants now offering specific vegan or vegetarian menus.
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Must-Try Gluten-Free Meals in Houston

Houston has amazing restaurants to choose from, but if you need to avoid gluten, dining out can require some homework. Have no fear! We’ve rounded up some of the city’s best places to grab a gluten-free meal. From traditional to unique, eating gluten-free doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice taste.
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6 Must-Try Paleo Meals

It’s one of the top searched diet words on Google, and people who try it swear by it. The Paleo Lifestyle is a simple way of eating and is often referred to it as the “caveman diet” because you focus on foods a caveman would have eaten.
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5 Must-Try Veggie Burgers in Houston

We’re certain that with these delicious non-beef burger options, you won’t feel deprived. In fact, after switching things up a bit, you might put some of these suggestions in your menu rotation permanently.
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