About Houston First Outdoors

Even in a city made popular by air conditioning, Houstonians love the outdoors. Festivals and other open-air activities thrive here amid the warm and moderate weather that fill the calendar. Serving this niche is where Houston First, with its array of downtown parks and plazas, comes into play.

These outdoor venues consist of Lynn Wyatt Square, Ray C. Fish Plaza and Root Square. The first three are located in the Theater District, while the latter is adjacent to Toyota Center on the eastern edge of downtown.

What is not widely known about these properties is that Joe Citizen can lease any one of them – at remarkably affordable rates. Radio execs, music promoters, film and advertising location scouts, professional party planners, and Houston’s major arts companies know all about these locations. You should, too.

Would your company be well-served by securing a unique place for a media event or an employee relations activity? Would your non-profit organization benefit by having a fundraising event held in full view of 150,000 downtown office workers? Would your event be enhanced by having it on a permanent stage at Jones Plaza with permanent restrooms, concessions and parking at one site? Would your family reunion be an even bigger hit with the big-time twist of having it downtown?

If the answer to these or any similar questions is yes, we’re here to assist you in planning a truly magnificent event.