A food truck, run well, is a thing of beauty. Whether grabbing gyros on a lunch break, burgers before the game, or trekking across town to sample creative fusions of this cuisine with that one, these mobile meal masters have become a staple of Houston’s culinary culture. And sure, it can be fun to play detective and track down the daily location of a favorite vendor or turn the corner to the pleasant surprise of a delicious taco oasis beckoning across the street.

On the other hand, it definitely makes it harder to get your fix of curry fried rice or dreamsicle crepes when your go-to eatery is circling the 610 loop. Perhaps most importantly, is a subtle feeling of impermanence - like a romantic partner that only comes into town on the weekends. What if that slice of jalapeño pepperoni won’t always be there when you need it? Not to worry, hungry Houstonians! To set your minds at ease, we’ve put together a list of a few local food trucks that were willing to pop-the-question, settle down and commit. Below are some of the best rolling restaurateurs to set up permanent brick-and-mortar locations around Houston. Finally, you can make a habit of your favorite food truck fare.

Pinkerton's BBQ

You can’t do better for true Hill Country barbecue in Houston than this sweet southern spot on Airline Drive. Taking a time worn approach, their meats, smoked low and slow over aged post oak and sun dried mesquite, are sure to make any Texan tip their hat.

Bernie's Burger Bus

When it comes to great burgers, you have to nail the basics, and Bernie’s gets this better than almost anywhere else. Their burgers, served from a schooldays-themed location in the Heights, range from simple to shmancy and always earn an A+.

Pi Pizza

Creative combinations of toppings, gourmet ice cream, craft brews and cocktails round out the offerings at this anything-but-ordinary slice slinger. Their new location in the Houston Heights pays homage to the original truck and features punk/skate board themes.

Melange Creperie

From savory to sweet, this charming cafe serves up a range of authentic French-style crepes and sandwiches. The brand that began as a mainstay of farmer’s markets and festivals has opened up their first permanent location in the Houston Heights.

Rice Box

This hip eatery offers amazing East Asian cuisine paired with fantastic craft brews and nitrogen-infused teas (which are not to be missed!). From locations in the Heights and Greenway Plaza, their nouveau-Chinatown vibe is as alluring as their neon lighting and their food elevates a night of Chinese takeout to a whole new level.