West Africa's colorful and nutrition-packed cuisine can be found all around Houston. Dishes chock full of proteins, vegetables and grains are packed with flavor, usually from particular sources with high food integrity.


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Chop N Blok

ChòpnBlọk's fast-casual restaurant showcases a truly West African culinary experience. Their dishes are packed with fresh proteins, vegetables, grains, and beverages full of West African flavor. Their pairing dishes are so colorful and Instagrammable. A favorite is The Motherland, a dish that marries East African-styled coconut curry with West African staples, including black-eyed peas and ripe sweet plantains. The rice dish menu, full of filling and satisfying dishes, includes Jollof Jambalaya, a smokey tomato-based West African rice with a Creole inspiration. The sleek casual atmosphere lends itself to dining in or taking out a flavorful meal. Chop N Blok offers vegan-friendly options. 

Taste of Nigeria

With a goal of bringing the tastes of West Africa to Houston, Tiffaney and Rasak Odewale found their dream when they opened Taste of Nigeria and began spreading the love of Nigerian cuisine with Houstonians. Compiling the freshest West African ingredients to whip up traditional recipes that have been in their family for generations, the owners offer oxtails, pepper soups, rice dishes and more. This cozy spot will leave Houstonians and visitors alike telling all their friends about their new favorite dish.

Aria Suya Kitchen

The fusion food you didn't know you needed is available, hot and delicious at Aria Suya Kitchen. Intertwining Nigerian cuisine with an American touch, this classy grill in the Galleria area serves kebabs with a variety of protein including beef, ram, goat, chicken, fish and shrimp. This upscale spot also features a hookah lounge complete with leather tufted chairs and a cool vibe for those looking to take their evening to the next level.

Jollof Rice King

Serving West African dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner, Jollof Rice King makes everything from scratch and also offers curbside, takeout, and delivery services. Their traditional soups are served with meat or fish or there are also a variety of plate dishes to choose from that include rice and protein. Scotch eggs and pies are popular appetizers or a garnished pepper snail is available for more adventurous eaters.