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Art for the People: In 5th Ward, art is a way of life. The 5th Ward Cultural Arts District uses a myriad of strategies to preserve and build on the cultural legacies of 5th Ward's past, while also looking to art as a means to celebrate its diversity and navigate future challenges. With a keen focus on community, culture, and creativity, the 5th Ward CAD believes and promotes the idea that “There is no art without people.”


Fifth Ward District


Houston’s Historic 5th Ward community is one large masterpiece. It is a place where art is a way of living, from its food, music, and social sculpture; to its historic buildings and gathering spaces like the Historic Deluxe Theater. The 5th Ward Cultural Arts District is a living cultural arts district and a center of African American history and culture while supporting its diversity as it grows. Lyons Avenue serves as the main vein that runs through this Historic Black community. Reminded us of what was and inspiring us to dream of what can be.



Memory Builds the Monument: finalist for the NAACP Image Awards, world premiere at the prestigious 2022 SXSW Film Festival in Austin. The film has been screened at 14 film festivals, awarded best documentary four times.

Deluxe Theater: Good Brick Award 


Annual Events

The District creates unique experiences for each individual based on their connection and history with the 5th Ward. The focus of the District is not simply the types of art it produces or sponsors, but rather how it makes the people who engage with it feel. Public art, community branding, and other projects will deepen residents' and visitors' connections with the 5th Ward and with one another.

  • Lyons Avenue Renaissance Festival: Spring
  • Black Theater Week: Fall
  • Other events



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