Summer is just getting started, which means that we’re still in for much hotter days in Houston. When it comes to food, grilled meats and salads make great dishes for the rising temps but there are also plenty of cold dishes that are perfect to combat the summer heat. Here we’ve rounded up five refreshing bites and drinks served around Houston that’ll hit the spot and help you cool off on hot summer days.

Chilled noodles

The Houston outpost of Austin’s popular noodle shop, Ramen Tatsu-Ya, is dishing out a spicy chilled ramen throughout the summer. The brothless ramen is dressed with a citrus soy dressing and topped with cucumber, soft-boiled egg, pirikara ground pork, karashi mustard and chili oil. The result is a spicy and cooling dish perfect for Houston’s hot summer days. Another good option is naengmyeon, a Korean dish of thin noodles served in an icy broth and topped with vegetables, which you’ll find at Bon Ga, a Korean restaurant on Long Point Road that’s a favorite among the city’s chefs.


Kata Robata Ceviche

Takes on this marinated fish dish abound in the city but we’re crushing on Kata Robata’s fresh catch mixed ceviche. White fish, octopus and shrimp are marinated in leche de tigre (the Peruvian term for a citrus-based marinade that brings ceviche to life), beautifully garnished with pickled cucumber, peanuts, togarashi, taro chips, and orange puree. For a good traditional Peruvian ceviche, head to Che Inka, where the ceviche mixto always hits the spot. (Photo Credit: Kata Robata's Facebook Page)


This Hawaiian staple has taken Houston by storm with a number of poke restaurants arriving to town this year. Poke consists of cuts of marinated raw fish served with a variety of garnishes such as seaweed salad, cucumbers or avocado served over a bed of rice or greens. While good year-round, it is particularly refreshing in the heat of summer. Try Pokeology in West U, where we’re loving the tuna yuzuviche, a bowl with tuna marinated in yuzu and white soy, served with pickled red onions, pecans and jalapeño. Or check out one of Houston’s many other poke restaurants. (Photo Credit: Pokeology's Facebook Page)


Latin Bites Gazpacho

This Andalusian cold vegetable soup is a summer classic. For a traditional version in Houston, head to Costa Brava Bistro in Bellaire and order the gazpacho Andaluz, or opt for a modern take at BCN Taste & Tradition, where chef Luis Roger adds fruits and basil into the mix. Another good choice is the green gazpacho at Latin Bites (which you should also visit for the ceviche). Their take of the soup is prepared with cucumbers, watermelon, avocado and honeydew melon. (Photo Credit: Latin Bite's Facebook Page)

Frozen cocktails

Bar Boheme Frozen Mojito

Cocktails aren’t quite a dish but we’d couldn’t leave out the refreshing frozen drinks you’ll find in bars around town this time of year. While frosé is seemingly on its way out, you’ll still find tasty versions of the popular rosé slushie at Eight Row Flint (which also has a fantastic frozen gin and tonic) and at Rainbow Lodge. Also check out Le Colonial’s frozen lychee cocktail and Bar Boheme’s frozen mojito. (Photo Credit: Bar Boheme's Facebook Page)