Choosing bridesmaid dresses is no easy task. It calls for a delicate balance between finding something that fits the bride’s style and vision and something that her bridesmaids will like and want to wear -- all for a good price.

Endless options to choose from don’t make the job any easier so we’ve gathered some tips to help you pick out dresses that will please both you and your best girls. In the end, though, remember it’s your day and rather than focusing on whether the dress is something your bridesmaids will wear again (they most likely won’t), focus on choosing what you like.

Do Stay True To Yourself
Stay true to your personal style and vision for your wedding when picking your bridesmaid dresses. “It’s so easy to get caught up in Pinterest pictures and wanting what’s trending, but stay true to your style,” says Natalie Taylor, co-owner of Bella Bridesmaids in Upper Kirby. “If you like something that’s not in style right now, still go for it.” Think of how you want your wedding to feel and look like in pictures and let that guide you in your choice. After all, the bridesmaid dresses are also a reflection of your taste.

Don’t Stress About What Colors Work For What Seasons
Is it okay for your girls to wear dark green in summer? Taylor gets this type of question a lot. Her answer? “I don’t think color scheme matters. You can put them in yellow in December and black in April. Go with what the feel of the wedding is.” Also, don’t feel like you have to stick to one color. You can choose a color combination or the same color in different shades.

Do Mix Fabrics and Textures
While the trend seems to be moving back toward more formal, matching bridesmaid dress-es, mismatched dresses are still a popular choice among brides. If you choose to go this route, get creative and bring in different textures and fabrics into your choice of dresses. You can put someone in lace and someone in tulle or someone in sequins and someone in chiffon. By doing that, you ensure that your bridesmaids look intentionally different, says Taylor.

Don’t Mix Dress Lengths
While mixing and matching is fun and can give a unique and interesting look to your wed-ding party, Taylor recommends sticking to the same dress length for all of your brides-maids. “When you mix short and long, things can look a little messy,” she says. Your bridesmaids may not all match but you still want them to have a cohesive look that’ll look good in your wedding pictures.

Do Pick Your Dress First
Some brides want to shop for their bridesmaids before they’ve settled on their own dress. Don’t go this route. The bride’s dress is the most important dress of the day and it sets the tone for the wedding, so make sure you’ve picked out your dress before choosing dresses for your wedding party.

Don’t Wait Until The Last Minute
Like bride’s dresses, bridesmaid dresses have a long lead time, usually around three to four months. Make sure you give yourself time to shop around, order the dresses and allow for any alterations needed. Taylor recommends ordering five months in advance.