By Kieran Kern

Whether a confection in buttercream or a construction in fondant, the wedding cake is an opportunity for the newly married couple to share their personality and passion with their guests. While multitiered visions in white will never go out of style, Houston brides and grooms have been working with their cake designers to tap into their creativity for cakes that show true Texan flair.

Since 1980, brides and grooms have gone to Susie Edwards of Susie’s Cakes & Confections for cakes that taste as good as they look. The Argentine native is no stranger to catering to the creative whims of the couple. “If my brides want it, I’ll do it,” explains Edwards. “Their creativity makes every day exciting and new.” Her clients have asked for everything from baseball teams to ice cream buckets.

Edwards notes that lacework is a chic and elegant way to add texture and visual interest to the cake. Take it to the next level of local panache by including a native flower such as the bluebonnet. Fresh or confection, this pop of color will give guests a slice of Houston.

Love your team as much as your spouse-to-be? Trade first bites featuring your team colors or mascots. Show your Astro-pride in blue and orange. Cover the cake in baseballs or shape it like one. Let Orbit be your interstellar cake topper. It’s no bull to root for the Texans. Show your spirit with a deep steel blue, battle red and liberty white grooms’ cake shaped like Toro himself. If basketball is in your blood, blast off into the future together by slicing into a Houston Rockets cake.

Embrace the imagery of Houston with looks reminiscent of its cityscape or its rustic elegance. Metallic-tinted fondant gives an architectural edge to a multitiered cake and materials such as chocolate-covered graham crackers can be used to mimic the inspiring city skyline. If your wedding dreams run toward Houston’s pastoral charm, the options are endless. Consider earth tones and bronzes – native plants made of gum paste and edible barbed wire fencing can encircle spurred boots, horseshoes or the Lone Star itself. Show state pride with a Texas-shaped cake in blue, white and red.

Proclaim your city pride to be out of this world by embracing Houston’s scientific legacy and rocketing into a bright future with a moon landing cake. Create the “Eagle” itself or have co-pilots stroll into happiness on the surface of a delicious moon. Complete the theme with moon rock cake pops.

For couples that wear their humor or their sleeves (or their forks, in this case), the official state mascot of Texas is a must-have for a groom’s cake. The nine-banded armadillo cake is a surefire way to garner zealous laughter and appreciation from wedding guests. Fans of “Steel Magnolias” and humorists alike won’t settle for anything less than the most decadent red velvet cake.

Elegant or whimsical, there are many look and flavor combination options for the gastronomic centerpiece of your big day. The only concrete rule is to work with a designer who gets you and your vision. “It’s the clients that make this the best job; I’m there to make their dreams reality,” explains Edwards.

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