By Melissa Henderson

As more couples become inspired to incorporate their interests and hobbies into their weddings, they are also embracing themed floral arrangements as well. Thanks to social communities such as Pinterest, there are thousands of wedding pictures with the most extravagant flowers and unique arrangements. The sun doesn't set with ideas, so create the ultimate experience for you and your guests. From Great Gatsby-inspired roses to minimalist and sporty hydrangea arrangements, here are seven different floral themes to create a truly memorable wedding for both you and your guests.

Great Gatsby

The rich and decadent Roaring ‘20s is the perfect inspiration for over-the-top floral arrangements. Houston's John Friedman Flowers specializes in timeless floral classics with a modern twist. Picture centerpieces elegantly sculpted into chandeliers and fountains. For huge venue spaces, incorporate lush archways of sweet-smelling lilies and rose walls that will inspire your guests to snap a bunch of selfies.




Tropical weddings are perfect for couples that want the island vibe without the destination aspect. Go all-out with table-friendly mini aquariums, garnished with floating water lilies. Surround your guests with palm trees, rented baby parrots and a few sandboxes for small children. Sand castles are versatile, either as a perfect touch for centerpieces or a potential activity during the reception. Visit Blomma Flowers for an exotic touch.



Classical Charm

Here's what comes to mind when thinking about a room full of classical charm: Floral sculptures of the bride, lavender and baby's breath head crowns for the bridesmaids and rustic shrubbery at the alter. How could you not? Daphnes and proteas represent the pursuit of love between the Greek gods and nymphs, so these key plants in your arrangements will surely do your themed ceremony right. Create wedding party bouquets with earthy pink proteas and trendy succulents. Place orange proteas in ornate glass bulbs to decorate the ceilings. For the centerpieces, spice up your iron or silver vases with succulents and fynbos for a stunning display that can also double as gifts for your special guests. Head to Plants n' Petals for unique fountain designs to incorporate into your Roman-themed celebrations.






Floral arrangements influenced by technology create a futuristic and fantasy-like atmosphere. Create ambience with white hyacinths displayed under blue and green light fixtures. White trees, neon lighting and even glitter can transport your guests into a virtual world of love. This could be a major production, so who better to hire than The Events Company? This company boasts millions of dollars worth of equipment to realize your wildest ideas.





Game of Thrones

For couples that love the HBO series Game of Thrones (or any other fantasy-themed show), this floral arrangement idea is perfect because it doesn't require many fancy fixings. It's all about stone embellishments and interesting tree arrangements. Plants n' Petals can also make this theme life-size. Your centerpieces can be inspired by King's Landing and accented with miniature gargoyles, dragon fruit and the most magical red roses.






For the sporty Houston couples and their guests, there's a florist that caters directly to your passions! Lexis Florist has over 20 years of experience, including designing the 2004 Super Bowl! Like Astroturf? No problem. Modern grass design can speak to the heart of your sporty spouse! From wheatgrass centerpieces that can also serve as your bar shots to dandelions and fashionably chic soccer balls, there are lots of ways to make grass modern and chic!





Thanksgiving or autumn

Fall is the perfect time for holiday-themed weddings as the season's foliage makes for beautiful wedding party photos. Darryl & Co. can create a fabulous Houstonian wedding, as demonstrated by his designs featured on Great Day Houston. For parties with smaller budgets, poinsettias are super easy to buy in stores (even last minute) and they blend in with the leaves. Hang candles from tiny trees atop tables, nestled among pumpkins and sunflowers. And, of course, cornucopia centerpieces are a must!

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