Indulge in Houston's Asian Cuisine Scene for a Good Cause

Discover the diversity of Asian cuisine across Houston during the 5th annual AAPI Restaurant Weeks from May 1 to June 15, 2024. Patrons donate $25 or more to receive an ARW QR code that provides special items or menu discounts for all participating businesses from May 1 to June 15. The code is limited to one use per restaurant visit. Support each business as many times as you want! With each $25 donation, OCA-Greater Houston will purchase a bag of rice and will deliver it to low-income seniors around Houston. Foodies, get your QR code. Here are just a few of the restaurants you won’t want to miss.


AKA Sushi

Houstonians love Aka for its affordable yet delicious, quality sushi and atmosphere. With a variety of rolls, soups and appetizers, you'll leave with all your sushi dreams realized. For those looking for a bigger plate, they also offer entrees like the saikyo salmon, misoyaki ribeye and steak teriyaki.

This food-truck-turned-restaurant is a foodie dream! Houston's first Korean Mexican BBQ (yes, you read that right) offers burgers, fries, dumplings and more, but not how you've had them before. Some favorites include the ramen burger, OMG! fries, and street tacos. Try them at one of their food trucks, or their restaurant locations in the Galleria or the Heights

Soup dumpling lovers, look no farther than Katy, Texas. Dim Sum Box in Katy's Asiatown, just outside of H-town, serves delicious soup dumplings, steamed buns and peking duck. There are so many things to try at this casual stop, and there's no better time to try all the yummy offerings than during Asian Restaurant Weeks when it's for a good cause.

RAKKAN Ramen embarked on its journey in 2011 as a cozy, four-seater ramen bar nestled in Tokyo. Their Houston location now stands as a dedicated purveyor of genuine Japanese ramen, with a specialty lying in crafting flavorful broths that elevate the dining experience with a dashi bomb. Dashi represents a cornerstone of Japanese culinary tradition, a savory soup stock brimming with Umami, the essence that magnifies the inherent flavors of each ingredient. At RAKKAN, they regard Umami as the indispensable soul of Japanese Ramen. To infuse their broths with an explosion of flavor, they meticulously simmer a medley of meticulously selected vegetables like kombu, coaxing out their rich essences and encapsulating Umami. Notably, their broths abstain from meat and seafood, rendering them entirely plant-based. Yet, despite this departure, patrons still revel in the luscious, robust flavors akin to Tonkotsu broth.


In the mood for something sweet? Aqua S in Houston's Chinatown serves super soft ice cream in an Instagrammable setting. Their unique flavors will leave mouths watering, and don't be surprised if you have trouble deciding on a flavor. 

For more information on Houston's Asiatown, check out our guide here.