Sales Team

A successful Sales Team works together to achieve common goals. Collaboration involves effective communication, sharing knowledge and resources, and supporting each other to maximize sales opportunities. Come and meet our Team!

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Meet the Sales Team


Sales Leadership Team

John Solis

Senior Vice President of Sales & Client Services
Phone: 713-853-8926

Nathan Tollett

Vice President, Citywide Sales
Phone: 713-853-8977


Jason Purifoy

Director, Citywide Sales
Market: 1,000+ Peak
Phone: 713-853-8338

Melinda Mintz

Director, Hotel Sales
Market: 10-999
Phone: 713-853-8314


In-Hotel Sales

Our Hotel sales team manager groups inquiring about singles property accommodation for hotel rooms and meeting space. This team handles accounts requiring 10-999 rooms on peak.

Dakotah Appelhans

National Account Executive
Market: 10-99 Peak
Phone: 713-853-8129

Kris Vargas

National Account Executive
Market: 100-300 Peak, West
Phone: 713-853-8210

Cory Campbell

National Account Executive
Market: 100-300 Peak, East
Phone: 713-853-8935

Juan Bradford

National Account Executive
Market: 100-999 Peak, Weekends/Holidays
Phone: 713-853-8367

Len Valka

National Account Executive
Market: 301-999 Peak, Midwest/West
Phone: 713-853-8295

Joel Rugerio

National Account Executive
Market: 301-999 Peak, East
Phone: 713-853-8934

Austin Market Sales & Services

Our Austin based sales and services team assists customers with the sales and client services phases of their events.

Karen Villagomez

National Account Executive
Market: 301+ Peak, Association, Corporate, SMERF, and Sports located in Austin
Phone: 512-263-2380

Citywide Sales Team

Our citywide team manager groups requiring multiple hotel properties and space within two major convention centers in Houston. The team handles accounts requiring at least 1,000 rooms on peak. Please meet our associates:

Alyssa Abdulla

National Account Executive
Market: 1,000+ Peak, AL, CT, DE, FL, GA, KY, LA, MA, ME, MS, MC, NH, NJ, NY, PA, RI, SC, TN, TX (Excluding Corporate & Austin), VT, WV
Phone: 713-853-8051

Mercedes Williams

Associate Director, Corporate Sales
Market: 1,000+ Peak AR, Northern CA, MN, OR, WA
Phone: 713-853-8927

Niki Nanavati

National Account Executive
Market: 1,000+ Peak, AZ, Southern, CA, CO, IA, ID, KS, MO, MT, ND, NE, NM, NV, OK, SD, TX, UT, WY (Excluding Association, SMERF, Sports in TX and Austin)
Phone: 713-853-8154

Amra Elmore

National Account Executive
Market: 1,000+ Peak, DC, VA, MD
Phone: 410-864-8227

Lindsay Rhoden

National Account Executive
Market: 1,000+ Peak, IL, IN, MI, OH, WI
Phone: 713-853-8939

George R. Brown Convention Center - Consumer Sales

Our George R. Brown Convention Center – Consumer Sales team helps customers find space at our convention center for consumer trade shows, conferences or events.

Anita Robles

National Account Executive
Phone: 713-853-8033

International - Group Sales

Our International Group Sales Team focuses on programs with meetings, conventions, and events produced by organizations with headquarters outside of the USA, as well as those events that rotate internationally.

Daniel Palomo

Director, International Sales and Leisure
Phone: 713-853-8326

Sales Support Team


Kristen Gutierrez

Executive Assistant
Phone: 713-853-8924

Kim Duffaut

Administrative Assistant
Phone: 713-853-8807

Jessi Primiterre

Administrative Assistant
Phone: 713-853-8205

Marbella Carrero

Administrative Assistant
Phone: 713-853-8204