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A broad sweep of land that stretches from just beyond the Houston city limits, west toward Brookshire, and northwest toward Hempstead, the Katy Prairie has a decidedly unique heritage. Ranging from the flat coastal plains that girdle Interstate 10 to gently rolling pastures in the northern reaches of the prairie soils that mark the area, the terrain is typical of what is found along much of the upper Texas Gulf Coast.

However, in autumn, just after the crops are in and the land lies fallow, this unassuming prairie becomes the site of one of the most incredible natural spectacles in North America, as thousands, then millions, of migratory birds arrive, especially waterfowl. For most, the Katy Prairie is a winter home until March, when they return to nesting areas in the upper Midwest and Canada. Others use the prairie as a staging area on their way to southerly climates or may even remain the entire year.

The Katy Prairie is comprised of a variety of habitats, including agricultural wetlands, depressional wetlands, creek corridors, and coastal grasslands.

Katy Prairie Conservancy features beaver, alligator, deer, coyote, bobcat, and squirrels, providing enjoyment for naturalist and hunter alike. There is no visitors center, so please visit web site or call for information.
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