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Houston Culinary Tours

Some of Houston’s top chefs want to show you their favorite places to eat in the city! You’ll explore interesting neighborhoods such as Chinatown and Long Point Road and learn about everything from soul food to seafood. Get on the bus for the Where the Chefs Eat Culinary Tours! Interested in previous Chef-led Tours? Click here to see a list a previous Chef-led Tours

By Paula Nino Kehr
Love a good hot dog? You’re not alone. Americans consume 818 hot dogs every second in the period between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Found at baseball games, on street carts, at eating...


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    "The idea is to introduce people to the city'sunder-the-radar restaurants and markets - and help give Houston's diverse food scene the cred its chefs say is long overdue."



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    "The city's reputation as a culinary hotspot isgrowing, thanks, in part, to local celebrity chefs who are gainingnational exposure."



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    "One of Houston's most unforgettable dining experiences is so special and limited that it's almost impossible to book. But once you secure a spot on the Where the Chefs Eat culinary tour, get ready for the culinary ride of your life."


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    "It was fascinating to see these well-respected chefs and find out how diverse their interests and influences are. I think every city should do this."



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    "Top chefs and food critics in Houston are coming together to open up the city's intriguing and diverse food scene to both locals and visitors."



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    "Few [urban food tours] are as insightful or as focusedon hidden spots as Houston's chef-led excursions."



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    "The visitors bureau of Houston, Texas, has hit on agreat idea for food tours: round up the most passionate chefs in the city, ask them where they love to eat on their days off, and build an itinerary around that. Then invite the public. "