Emancipation Park Conservancy

3018 Emancipation Avenue Houston, TX 77004 Map It
  • Address:
    3018 Emancipation Avenue
    Houston, TX 77004
  • Phone:
    (713) 528-1872

The 10-acre Emancipation Park was purchased by four former slaves in 1872 and served as a location to celebrate Juneteenth, the date in 1865 that marked the emancipation of African Americans in Texas. Until the 1950s, it was the only public park and swimming pool in Houston open to African Americans.

The new Emancipation Park is designed as an inter-woven tapestry of buildings and landscape celebrating the park's rich history and embracing the present and future of its community. Guests can enjoy refurbished landscapes, playgrounds, renovation of the two historic buildings and the addition of a new building and plaza. The old recreation center is now a beautiful Community Center and the Poole House was recently renovated and expanded as well.

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