Space City Summer Getaway

Nearly 50 years ago, when the world set eyes upon the stars, determined to accomplish what many thought was impossible, it was Houston who stood at the forefront as mankind took its first steps onto the moon. In 2019, we observe the 50th anniversary of this monumental achievement and the role that our city played in the success of that mission.

With myriad events and celebrations planned, there will never be a better time for lovers of discovery and exploration to visit Houston, experiencing the marvel of the Apollo missions and wonder at the jaw dropping advancements that NASA is developing today.

In addition to innovative science, Houston has built quite a reputation on championship sports, award-winning cuisine, and the most diverse cultural scene in the South, proving that inspiration comes easily to our community.

Explore the fourth largest city in the U.S., get a feel for Houston’s distinct vibe, and let this list of events and attractions help you recapture a wanderlust of culture and discovery.


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The Space City Media section serves as a valuable resource to media seeking out information about Space City Month. You are welcome to source our information posted in the Media section for editorial purposes only. Please feel free to access our online media kit, space-themed itineraries, and both Space Center Houston and NASA Johnson Space Center resources. We are also regularly adding to our Photo and Video Gallery., 


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