Upper Kirby’s Levy Park reopened its doors in late February after a massive renovation that left it unrecognizable to anyone who knew the park before. Located off of Richmond Avenue and Eastside, the 6-acre park drew some 7,000 people to its grand opening and has continued to buzz with activity since. It’s easy to see why. Here are five reasons we love it.

It’s A Kid’s Dream ...

We guarantee your kids will love the park’s unique, colorful playground. With its wide slide, splash area, hills, tunnels and climbing structures, you’ll have a hard time getting your kiddos to leave this playground. It’s visually striking and lots of fun, too.

Adults Can Play, Too

Table tennis, foosball and a putting green are just some of the park’s features adults may love -- although plenty of kids take advantage of them, too. Point is: this isn’t your average park and whether you’re there with a group of friends or with your kids, there’s something for people of all ages.

Free Classes and Events

Yoga? Flamenco? Story time? Whether you want to exercise or learn something new, Levy Park has a packed schedule of activities for kids and adults alike. The park boasts a performance stage and activity lawn that serve as hosts for weekly and special events, including musical performances, poetry sessions and movie nights.

There’s Room To Relax

It’s not all play and activity. We love the park’s Reading Room, Board Games and Art carts. That’s right; you can pick up the newspaper, a magazine or a book from one of the park’s wheeled carts and enjoy it at the tables along the park’s “reading room.” You can also check out board games or kids’ craft materials if you want to enjoy a more laid back time at the park or need a break from running around. The park’s activity lawn is also a perfect place to relax or have a picnic and its community garden a nice place to take a quiet stroll.

Fun For Your Canine

Bringing Fido? Levy Park has a gated dog park with plenty of room for your pups to run around. With spaces for small and large dogs, water features, and plenty of small hills, your dog will have as much fun as you will.

To find out more about the park’s events, follow Levy Park Conservancy on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.