Yesterday, the Houston Museum of Natural Science gave media a sneak peek at its massive new Paleontology Hall set to open this summer.

Stretching the length of a football field with four gigantic levels, the Hall will double the museum's total space and add roughly 60,000 square feet of exhibit area. HMNS is already one of the most visited museum's in the Southwest. The expansion is expected to only add to that figure.

The new Paleo Hall will be packed with prehistoric dinosaurs and other beasts but not just lined up as you might find in other museums. These giants will be in action-chasing, eating and doing whatever else they would have done when they lived. Visitors will essentially go on a prehistoric safari, viewing scenes as they existed millions of years ago.

More than 60 major mounts will be part of the hall, including 30 dinosaurs in multiple action poses. From a T-Rex skeleton with actual patches of original skin (never before seen) to a well-preserved triceratops, visitors can expect an awe-inspiring experience.

"Houston is a great city, full of remarkable qualities, outstanding institutions, and exceptional people. Houstonians have an unabashed sense of pride and ownership in their city and what it offers," says Joel Bartsch, president of HMNS. "HMNS is a world-class institution, renowned for its exceptional collections, exhibits and programs." Bartsch says locals should feel a sense of pride and ownership for what HMNS offers. And he believes visitors and locals alike will appreciate this tremendous addition to the museum.

See a time lapse video of construction. And more images from the hall on our Facebook page.