Houston's Art Car Parade has celebrated local artists for the past 33 years, creating an environment that showcases hundreds of mobile masterpieces created by both trained and untrained artists, student groups, non-profit organizations, and anyone a vision to create. Not only has it created a celebration of local art, it has also awarded hundreds of thousands of dollars to Art Car artists and artist teams and has become an important and inspiring art program for many schools across the Greater Houston area. ✨

What's New

In light of COVID-19, this year's in-person Art Car festivities have been canceled. However, being the resilient city that we are, the organizers have decided to bring this time-honored celebration to you! The Orange Show Center for Visionary Art has worked with the Mayor's Office of Cultural Affairs, the Mayor's Office of Special Events, HTV and ABC-13 to create the complete virtual experience for its Houstonians. 

The virtual festival promises a fun-filled schedule full of live tours The Orange Show, The Beer Can House, and Smither Park, along with footage of Houston Art Car Parade from previous years and an airing of Art Car: The Movie, a feature-length film that follows a high school class preparing an entry for the 2010 Art Car Parade.

Here's a preview of what this year's line-up will look like:

Saturday April 18th

12pm Facebook Live – Live tour of The Orange Show
12:20pm Facebook Live – Live tour of The Beer Can House
12:40pm Facebook Live – Live tour of Smither Park
1pm ABC-13 – Re-broadcast of the 2019 Houston Art Car Parade
2pm HTV - Houston Art Car Parade Through the Years & Messages from the Artists
4pm HTV – The 30th Anniversary of The Houston Art Car Parade
4:15pm HTV - Pinholes for Pinheads: The 2019 Houston Art Car Parade 4:30pm HTV - Art Car: The Movie
6pm Facebook Live - Live from The Orange Show World Headquarters


Even though it'll look a little different this year, we've piled together some memories from past Houston Art Car Parades to fondly look back on:

Video Thumbnail - youtube - Ep 3: Spacey Casey Goes to The Art Car Parade

Electric Ladyland- Art Car Parade

Percy Peacock x Mark Garrett

The Fruit Mobile x Jackie Harris

The parade may take place from the comfort of your couch this year, but we promise it’ll be just as magical!  

For more information on this year’s virtual parade, click here. 👈