Argentina Cafe

3055 Sage Rd #130 Houston, TX 77056 Map It
  • Address:
    3055 Sage Rd #130
    Houston, TX 77056

Just south of the Galleria, there is a “piece of Argentina” called Argentina Café where all the food is homemade in-house using spices and ingredients directly from Argentina. Local favorites include the empanadas, which come in a variety of flavors, but guests also have their pick of a hot filet mignon sandwich, a grilled chicken mango salad or a dish called choripan that features Argentinean imported sausage. Even still, there’s an array of pastas and pizzas in addition to their hot plates which include entrana a caballo with fried eggs or the milanesa plate which features Argentinian style breaded chicken or beef. To leave on a sweet note, guests can indulge in flan, dulce de leche or even a nutella crepe. A casual spot, Argentina Café offers counter-service and is a must-try spot for coffee, afternoon snacks or an authentic Argentinian meal.

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