Houston Heights

El Bolillo Bakery

2517 Airline Dr Houston, TX 77009 Map It
  • Address:
    2517 Airline Dr
    Houston, TX 77009
  • Phone:
    (713) 861-8885

El Bolillo Mexican bakery is often cited as one of the best bakeries in town. At its new location in the Heights, you will find it a mad house on Sundays with people pouring in to the big, well-lit bakery. Upon walking in, you are given a silver tray and a pair of tongs. Huge cases filled to the brim with a variety of baked goods line the walls as you go through and choose what you want.

El Bolillo Bakery is extremely popular for its exceptionally low prices. You can fill your tray with delicious sweets for under $5. Tickle your tastebuds with their sweet, fresh baked bread including croissants, churros, tortillas, muffins, and cochinitos. Try one of their fruit empanadas filled with pineapple, cherry, pumpkin, guava, and other assorted fruits.

Most importantly, El Bolillo Bakery is highly praised for its incredible tres leches. Not too milky and not too dry, this tres leches is the talk of the town. Buy a cake that will serve 20 people for only $25.  El Bolillo Bakery also personalizes and designs cakes for special events. 

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