Memorial Park/Washington Corridor

El Rey

910 Shepherd Dr. Houston, TX 77007 Map It
  • Address:
    910 Shepherd Dr.
    Houston, TX 77007
  • Phone:

El Rey is a terrific Cuban/Mexican restaurant masquerading as a fast-food joint, serving up some of the most flavorful Cuban/Mexican cooking on the scene.

A terrific starter is the rich and tangy tortilla soup full of rotisserie chicken, corn, avocado, cheese and tortilla strips. While hearty utilitarian Mexican breakfasts are served along with respectable rotisserie chicken, burritos and fajitas, the real treats are the fabulous sandwiches. The fish torta served on a soft, dense flat bread called a bolillo is a delicious revelation (the grilled fish tacos are just as good but a bit skimpy on fish.). Other fine sandwiches served on French bread are the Cuban filled with ham & marinated pork with cheese and the Milanesa, thinly sliced, breaded and fried beef layered with avocado, lettuce and tomato.

When you think fast food can't get any better, turn your attention to the coffee menu offering 'the best Cuban coffee money can buy.' Enjoy a rich, aromatic latte, espresso or mocha and you'll satisfyingly agree El Rey has earned the right to boast.

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