Maida's Belts & Buckles

5727 Westheimer Road, Suite K Houston, TX 77057 Map It
  • Address:
    5727 Westheimer Road, Suite K
    Houston, TX 77057

With a family tradition in leather-craft that stretches back more than a century, Maida’s Belts & Buckles is an iconic Houston shop.

Located in the Galleria/Uptown area, Maida’s offers a wide array of hand-made and engraved buckles and buckle sets from artists across the country. These heirloom-quality pieces are all custom made and can be emblazoned with initials or brands. From dress buckles to the traditional western ranch look, many options are available. The store also has an in-house workshop where skilled craftsmen make customized alligator and lizard belts. Pieces can be made to measure and customers can send any of Maida’s leather-craft back to the shop for complimentary conditioning.

A selection of jewelry, cuff links, knives, money clips and more accessories round out the offerings at this upscale western boutique.

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